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Sunday, August  21st starting at 8 PM
Thursday, August 18th from 2 - 6 PM

Personal Property
Monday, August 22nd 11 - 6 PM

510 Shackleburg Road, Anderson, SC 29621

The "Yane" Family has moved in their new home cannot accommodate all their treasures.  What they could not take is now up for auction.  Furniture, Housewares, Kitchen wares,  a large selection of handcrafted jewelry and new like... John Deere Tractor with rear mower, are just a few of the items you can bid on.   We also have two old barns that we are selling at auction which must be removed.  This rustic barn wood planks and metal are great ways to give your home instant character or use the wood & metal in craft projects.

The home which is situated on 20 acres, has a large shop and additional doublewide will be up for sale soon...   If you would like to see the home for possible purchase we would be happy to assist you.  Give us a call today, if we can help.

Also due to road construction... the easiest way to access the property is go down Hwy. 81... over I-85 to Shackleburg... turn left... property on Right

Bidder permission request…

By clicking below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this auction and all supplements regarding pickup, shipping, and sales tax. 

I understand that, this auction has a specific schedule for pick-up of items and that if I do not pickup items… this could result in additional fees for either a delayed pickup or loss of items without refund.

If I elect to have an item shipped it could take up to 10 days after the close of the auction for those item(s) to be prepared for delivery.  The final cost for delivery is mine as the bidder.  If later you elect to pick up and cancel your shipping, you will be charged the appropriate delayed pickup fees.

Lastly, we collect sales tax on all applicable items based on the location of the items you bid on… whether it is shipped or not, unless you have a tax-exempt certificate and complete the exempt form.

I, therefore, respectfully request permission to bid and agree to abide by the full terms as well as those denoted herein. 

Item pick-up dates and times:

Monday, August 22nd - 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Auction Location : 

510 Shackleburg Road, Anderson, SC 29621

Need your auction item shipped?

Auction Services LTD now uses a 3rd party system to arrange, notify and process shipping.  Upon the completion of an auction and receiving your invoice, you will receive an additional e-mail asking you to select from one of two choices - Sign-Up for Pick-Up or Shipping.  After selecting shipping, Auction Services LTD will be notified and you will be be automatically added to our packing list.  You will remain informed and updated throughout the packing and shipping process, and will receive a tracking number once your shipment has been sent out.


Please Note:


We DO NOT ship to addresses that dnot correspond to thcredit card/registratioaddress.


You will also need to contact the shipper and make payment arrangements with them. 


Shipping arrangements can take up to 10 working days following the close of the auction event before items are delivered to the shipping company. Please wait until the 10 days have expired before calling the shipper or us for delivery information.

Sales Tax Collection

Our Policy…

In order to reduce the difficulty of when to collect sales tax and/or who to send it to… our auction terms for participation in our auction(s) now designates that the “point of delivery” for any item(s) purchased from us … no matter what method of purchase is used… is the address location of the item.  Even if you are having an item shipped to you… the point of acceptance by the delivery agent will be considered the Delivery Location  that the item was shown in the auction information as the “auction location” or “auction site” and the approximate sales tax or that location will be charged, collected and sent to the appropriate agency.  No Refund of sales tax will be made once those money’s have been reported and paid to the state agency.

Therefore, all Non-titled items purchased (Unless a Sales Tax Exception Agreement is on file) will be charged sales tax based on the address listed as point of delivery.   Since titled items usually require the purchaser to pay other fees and/or the difference in taxes that our state collects… we will NOT Charge tax on the sale of items that have a title.  Any and all taxes associated with this type of item will be the full responsibility of the purchaser to report as wells as the payment of the tax due by you in accordance with your state's rules and regulations.

Tax Exemption Form - Click Here

Tax exemption forms can be downloaded, completed and e-mailed to


 Sales Tax Exceptions

There are exceptions to every rule and sales tax is no different.   In our state, it’s simply a matter of the purchaser who meets certain qualifications, completing a sale tax exemption agreement which states that they qualify for exemption according to one or more items from a list of pre-determined rules.  This list is usually based on the state that you reside in or on the type of business you are engaged in.  When completed and returned to us… any applicable sales tax is not collected at the time of purchase and any future taxes due become the responsibility of the purchaser based on the type of exception you maintain.   The exemption forms you provide us, are renewed each calendar year and kept on file with our firm, and are supplied to the appropriate agency upon request.