Hybrid 46 Universal Suppressor
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Hybrid 46 Universal Suppressor. The SilencerCo Hybrid 46 is a universal suppressor designed to be one of the most versatile on the market being able to shoot anything from .22LR all the way up to big bore rifle caliber .45-70 Gov. The Hybrid 46 Suppressor is full auto and magnum rated with fully welded baffles for the ultimate in durability. The initial blast baffle is machined from stainless steel to take the brunt of the extremely hot gasses and pressure for a long lifespan while the rest are machined from titanium to reduce weight. The Hybrid 46 Silencer is 7.8" long and only weighs 17.3 ounces and features a black Cerakote Finish. 


This lot is covered under the National Firearms Act of 1934 which includes… (Suppressor/silencer, Machine gun, Short barrel rifle (SBR), Short barrel shotgun (SBS), Any Other Weapons (AOW), or a Destructive device (DD) and requires YOU to PASS an additional background check and pay a special tax, via what is commonly known as a tax stamp (NFA Tax Stamps) in order to legally own and possess it.


Once you have PURCHASED and PAID in full for your item, the process has just started. Your licensed FFL dealer who is handling the transfer will keep possession of the firearm until you have received your NFA tax stamp.

  • You begin this process by filing an ATF Form 5320.4, the Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of a Firearm.
  • Following the instructions on the application, you’ll attach a few pieces of extra information, including fingerprint cards and a passport size photo. 
  • Mail the finalized application to the BATF with a check for $200.


Then you wait. Processing applications for NFA tax stamps can take weeks, if not months. The BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) performs a thorough background check on each applicant for an NFA tax stamp.


If you pass the background check, in time, you will receive back from the BATF a copy of your application with a canceled NFA tax stamp attached. 


Yes, you read that right. The form will have a stamp that resembles a postage stamp and it will have a cancellation mark imprinted over the stamp. The canceled stamp is proof that you have been approved by the BATF to own the weapon identified in the application.


At this point, you are free to visit the firearms dealer to take possession of your new weapon.


Please NOTE:

If you are denied, you CANNOT legally own the firearm or suppressor that you bid and the dealer cannot transfer it to you.  You also cannot receive any refund of any monies paid… you can however, sale your interest to a non-related party and if they are able to obtain a NFA stamp, they may pick-up and OWN the firearm or suppressor you originally bid on.


Additional Notation:  This item can only be viewed at gun dealer location and will not be at any open previews... 2001 S Main, Anderson, SC 29624

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