Dr. B.D. Thomas Estate - 313 Miriam Road, Starr, SC 29684

Dr. B.D. Thomas Estate -  313 Miriam Road, Starr, SC 29684

313 Miriam Rd in Starr, South Carolina is wooded 5-acre parcel with a 2300 sq. foot home built in 2004.  The home is full basement construction with 12-inch-thick concrete walls and concrete decking provided a substantial palette for the upper floor which houses two large bedrooms and what the previous owner used as their library.  On the lower level is nice family room with rock fireplace, eat in kitchen and several large utility areas… some with garage door access.

Mr. Thomas had a true love of boats and so modeled the exterior of the home as well as its interior with a nautical flair and appeal.  The outer shell of the home as well as the two large decks will need some heavy TLC… but other than this, the home seems to be in great shape.

The property is on public water with septic system, and has central heat/air. The current tax market value for this property is $195,600.00 and the estimated average market value from CoreLogic… which is based on sales of similar properties in the area (RealAVM Range) places the value between $267,900.00 and $326,000.00. 

However, you will set the price… ONLY at AUCTION. Inspection of the exterior of the property is permitted during daylight hours.  Private showing can be arranged by calling our office at 864.712.9566. 


313 Miriam, Starr, South Carolina 29684
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