Estate of Hugh Harrelson

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Friday, June 16th
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Thursday, July 20th @ 8 PM
Tuesday, July 18th 2-6 PM
Friday, July 21st 2023 10-4

Saturday, July 22nd 10-12

125 Lazy Street, Anderson, SC 29624

Hugh was a dear friend as well as his wife Judy, who still enjoys a good auction… and so, we where honored to assist her with the sale of her home and property that Hugh and she held dear for over 50 years.  But with the property sold… Judy has entrusted us to auction the remaining items from the home.

This auction will showcase a diverse range of items, including a selection of tractors, Kubota Mower, implements, a Golf Cart, tools, and a variety of large watering tanks.  A collection of household items will also be featured, providing bidders with an array of options to explore.

Furthermore, we are pleased to include the farm equipment from the Estate of Arthur Sherard, Starr, SC, which has been relocated to the property and will be included in this auction event. This addition expands the selection and presents even more opportunities for interested buyers.

Join us for this auction, where the legacies of Hugh, Arthur and others intertwine, offering a unique opportunity to acquire quality.

Notice: All personal property auctions include a 15% buyer's premium added on to the winning bid. Please take this into consideration when bidding!

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If I elect to have an item shipped it could take up to 10 days after the close of the auction for those item(s) to be prepared for delivery.  The final cost for delivery is mine as the bidder.  If later you elect to pick up and cancel your shipping, you will be charged the appropriate delayed pickup fees.

Lastly, we collect sales tax on all applicable items based on the location of the items you bid on… whether it is shipped or not, unless you have a tax-exempt certificate and complete the exempt form.

I, therefore, respectfully request permission to bid and agree to abide by the full terms as well as those denoted herein. 

Item pick-up dates and times:

Friday, July 21st 10-4

Saturday, July 22nd 10-12

Auction Location : 

125 Lazy Street, Anderson, SC 29624

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Therefore, all Non-titled items purchased (Unless a Sales Tax Exception Agreement is on file) will be charged sales tax based on the address listed as point of delivery.   Since titled items usually require the purchaser to pay other fees and/or the difference in taxes that our state collects… we will NOT Charge tax on the sale of items that have a title.  Any and all taxes associated with this type of item will be the full responsibility of the purchaser to report as wells as the payment of the tax due by you in accordance with your state's rules and regulations.

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