Bidder Questions and Answer Why is there a required deposit to bid?

We require each bidder to post a $500.00 refundable deposit to ensure that each of our bidders is a valid, qualified bidder. This deposit method has been implemented for the protection and security of each of our bidders. Each bidder knows that all bidders are valid and that they have met the same requirements that you have to be able to bid online. The $500.00 deposit is fully refundable. It activates your account and you can then bid on any of our auction items in all online auctions conducted. These funds are reserved on your credit card account and will not show up as a charge unless you fail to fulfill the terms of the auction which you have already agreed to. Any deposits are automatically released 24 hours at the conclusion of the auction event unless you are bidding on another of our online events. The only instance in which your deposit would not be refunded would be if you broke the terms of our Bidders Contract and failed to pay for an item.

How do I find out more about a posted item?

Each auction has a contact person for that particular seller. If you have any questions about an item, please contact the Seller.

Entering bids

Select the auction you would like to view. When the bidding for the auction is open you will have the opportunity to enter your OPENING BID or MAXBID for each item. Enter your bidding number and password at the bottom of the screen to submit the bid(s). Remember that any bids that you wish to make on items listed on any page must be submitted before leaving that page.

If you enter a MAXBID the system will automatically bid on your behalf up to your MAXBID amount. For example, you originally placed a Maximum Bid amount of $50.00 and now you want to increase the maximum bid to $100.00 - all you need to do is submit another bid for the $100.00 bid in the "Maximum Bid" box.

You can also raise your Maximum Bid WITHOUT having to raise your own bid! Our Maximum Bidding Tool will now allow you to raise your Maximum Bid. For example, you originally placed a Maximum Bid amount of $50.00 and now you want to increase the maximum bid to $100.00 - all you need to do is submit another bid for the $100.00 bid in the "Maximum Bid" box. As long as your previous Maximum Bid was at least 1 increment higher than any other bidders' Maximum Bid, the current price on the item will not change.

Use the MAX BID feature (if you don't have time or if you have a slower Internet connection) to do your bidding for you during the auction. Simply enter the maximum price you're willing to pay as your bid, and MAXBID will place bids on your behalf in bid increments up to the maximum price you have entered.

If you are outbid while the auction is still active...

The system will automatically send you an email each time that you are outbid on an item.

How does the auction end?

Each event will end at a specific time. However, we use a DYNAMIC CLOSING FEATURE. With this feature, the bidding will remain open on any item that has received a bid within the last 3 minutes. Once 5 minutes has lapsed without any bidding activity the bidding on the item will be close as scheduled.

If I win, who, how, and when do I pay?

Invoices will be emailed to successful bidders within 8 hours of the close of the auction. Full payment of the purchase price plus the auction fee and any applicable sales tax will be charged to your credit card prior to e-mail notification that you are the successful bidder. Collection of applicable taxes will be in accordance with the laws of the state where t All funds are to be paid in US dollars.

Acceptable methods of payment include Visa and MasterCard.

Removal Information.

Removal information will be included in your invoice. As well as posted on the web for that auction event. Buyers must complete the removal of items within the specified check-out period. No refunds for failure to take possession of the items within the specified time period.

Buyers are responsible for the removal of assets and all shipping and rigging charges.

Buyers or third-party movers are required to present a paid-in-full invoice to the on-site check-out personnel when removing their assets.