Coat rack and heater
Lot Number:475
Start Time:3/22/2024 4:00:00 AM
End Time:5/3/2024 1:57:30 AM
Bid Count:6
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Starting Bid:$1.00
Bid Increment:$1.00
Current Bid:$6.00
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Wooden coat rack. Needs to be tightened together.  Small electric heater. 

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The Estate of Melvin T Bryson auction features an array of personal property items from Mr. Bryson's home located at 302 Kings Road, Anderson, SC 29621. Among the highlights of this auction are a Harley Davidson 2003 Road King Classic, timeless furniture pieces, musical instruments, an exquisite "Lenox" Morning Blossom China set, and much, much more.  

Attention Bidders,

First, thank you for participating in the Bryson Estate Auction. Please remember that due to limited access to the home, you will need to schedule your "Pick up" Time. Additionally, please bring help with you to assist with loading, as WE DO NOT have staff onsite for loading. Lastly, please check your lots against your inventory before leaving.


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302 Kings Road
Anderson, South Carolina 29621
United States

Item pick-up dates and times:

Friday, May 3rd 2024 - 10AM-4PM and Saturday, May 4th - 10AM-12PM

Auction Location : 

302 Kings Road, Anderson, SC 29621


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