Real Estate Procedures for Registered Online Bidders

  • Download forms and complete information once this is done. Mail form and funds to: Auction Services Ltd. 1008 North Main Anderson, S.C. 2962 Attention: Online bidding Item Checklist:
    • Sign the Limited Power of Attorney (POA) – Form must be completed and notarized
    • Read & Understand the “Terms of Agreement”
    • Sign agency discloser
    • Send deposit in the amount listed in the Auction Brochure You may send a certified check or wire transfer funds. To wire transfer, please contact our office for wire instructions. Additional funds may be required for deposit based on final bidding and terms of the auction. All funds will be returned to the bidder should they NOT be the high bidder. Upon completion of the Auction event should the bidder have the high bid, a contract will be completed, signed by the POA, and faxed or emailed to the bidder for their signatures as well. No monies held for deposit are refundable once the bid has been awarded to you as the high bidder. However, you will receive a refund of any money held by the Brokerage firm should you not be successful with your online bidding.
    • Register with our Online service to receive a bidder number.
    • Auction Staff will then activate your bidding number.

Should you not complete the above steps you will not be able to bid online, however, you will be able to view and listen to the auction.